Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jay Rehearsing

Jay recently performed "Carmen" for the Grand Connecticut Opera.   It was the first time he's performed this opera live, for a paying audience.  It was a great time, and my only complaint was that his role wasn't big enough.  I'm only a fan of opera if someone I know is in it, so I fell asleep in some parts.  Brutal to admit, I know.

Here's a short video of Jay rehearsing for an audition next week - the audition is with Delaware Opera.  

Where has the time gone?

Lots has happened in the last month or so, and I'll get caught up soon.  For now, here's an interesting email exchange from a recent post I made on Fiverr.

H! (sorry I couldn’t find your firstname)
I need a quick video testimonial, just a few sentences,
for a new ebook called “xxxxxxxxxx”. (for senders privacy, i'm deleting name of book)
This is aFUNebook. (seriously! you’ll see in just a moment!)
Below is a quick summary of what’s in the ebook.
I’ll email you the actual ebookPDFwhen you start this project.
This is anEASYproject, plus you’re going to get
a great ebook (reg. $27) out of the deal !!!
You don’t have to show me proof that you’ve really done
the steps in the ebook… I"ll take your word for it ; – )
Please look over the info below and confirm
(a) when you can do this, and
(b) the type of location you might use.
© if you will do this outdoors, wearing the same clothing
and with the same background as in your profile photo,
then I’ll give you an extra Fiver. So you’ll get 2 fiverrs.
(plus, I’ll be able to give you 2 separate reviews—and having
several reviews can really help to get your future orders going!)

 And my  reply:

Hi, thank you for the email. I’m afraid that this is outside the spirit of my gig. My intention is to create product reviews of things that I actually use, and endorse (or use, and don’t endorse) such as a kitchen appliance, an electronic device, etc.. I am happy to read the book, but I have no intention of doing any kind of financial transaction in order to qualify to record and pass on a testimonial.

I understand what you are trying to achieve, and I wish you the best of luck, but I am not going to promote something that I have not vetted, and I am not in a position to deposit any of my funds into an account in order to grow those accounts as suggested by your email.

I bet you can find great people to do this on Craigslist. Good luck to you.