Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Edition New York Times

My Saturday morning routine:

  • Get up, brush teeth and wash face and put on ratty bathrobe
  • Go downstairs and make big pot of coffee
  • Get NY Times Saturday edition from stoop
  • Pour a cup of joe and sit down at kitchen island with paper.
Read paper in following order -
  • Remove Automobiles, Sports and Classified - straight into recycling bin.
  • Read through entire Real Estate section and wonder weekly why I haven't contacted Vivienne Tam about *our* own interesting real estate story.
  • Then move on to Arts & Leisure. Read interesting articles and ignore stories about topics of no interest to me, such as the future of modern dance. See what movies are taking out the very expensive full page ads. Wonder at whether content drives ads (see "How To Train A Dragon") or placement of ads drives content.
  • Take out flyers, coupon books and Times Magazine from Book Review section. Go to junk drawer and get out chicken cutting scissors for coupon clipping. Look for coupons under $1 so I can use them on coupon doubling days. Read through Times Magazine and attempt crossword puzzle.
  • Now I'm warmed up and limber and can attack the more serious sections, so I'll move to Business section, then Arts and finally the first section.
  • Leave papers laying scattered on kitchen island for a few hours in hopes of finishing off scanned articles, and taking another stab at crossword.
     Around 2pm, get tired of seeing papers lying around and take entire paper and throw into recycling bin. This week, however, I may actually use the paper to make seedling containers.

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