Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A broken umbrella and cold feet

Wow, the weather yesterday was terrible. Thankfully, the rain stopped in the afternoon, just around the time I was leaving for Mayor Stack's campaign office. Being from rainy Vancouver, I should know better, but I headed off without an umbrella. Mistake. The rain started back up as I was a few blocks away.

The group of volunteers was a bit thinner last night, as you can imagine with the crappy weather. People were organized into groups, and we headed out to distribute pamphlets about tax preparation. I actually received the flyer in my mailbox on Saturday - it's kind of cool to know that the person who put that flyer in my own mailbox might be someone I've met at headquarters.

I was assigned to cover 47th and 48th St with a group of men. Luckily, one of them had a van, so we got there quickly (and dryly). Bonus for me was an umbrella in the back, which the driver said I could borrow. We broke into two teams of three and covered our area pretty quickly. Our driver lived nearby, so he wasn't going back to HQ, so we headed back on our own. By then the wind had picked up again, and turned the umbrella inside out a couple of times. Thankfully only slightly broken but not completely destroyed. I'll bring the broken umbrella with me tonight in case the owner is there...if not, I guess I just adopted yet another black broken umbrella.

Hopefully we'll do voter registration tonight. I much prefer the human interaction rather than the mailbox interaction.

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