Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Neighbors

Voter registration for the upcoming Mayoral race continues....

I was assigned to 24th St on Tuesday night, which is pretty sweet - only one block away from me. I've only met one person on this block so I was looking forward to see who lives behind us. I was out with Mili, a totally fun and energetic lady. We partnered with another team and they were assigned to 25th. The plan, as usual, was to meet back at the car in 45 minutes.

The first building we hit was right on the corner. It proved to be a bit more massive than we expected, so our entire 45 minutes was eaten up just in one location. Really nice building - well maintained and clean. We started on sixth floor and worked our way through the eight apartments and then continued down the floors. Some people are so great - they invite you in, clear chairs so that you can sit and offer you tea. In the few cases where this happened, it turned out that after going through the spiel, they either were already registered to vote, or weren't citizens.

It's interesting being able to sneak a peek into people's homes, and also to get a sense of how they live. People answer the door in everything from business suits (maybe just got home) to nothing more than a pair of boxers. I always wonder if we're waking people up from their naps.

We finally finished the building, and ran back to tell our partners we needed more time. They left, and we finished off the rest of the street. Most people were already registered, and we found a lot of strong support for Mayor Stack. It was great to knock on a door of someone I know (my neighbor Agatha, who lives directly behind me). I haven't seen her the entire winter, and had assumed that she'd gone to Italy. She hasn't, has just been visiting family, had family visiting her, and was staying indoors.

Mili and I came back to my house for a quick glass of water and washroom break, then I drove Mili back to HQ. Much to my disapointment, I'd filled out the voter registration forms in red ink (those pens they give out are so crappy), so I had to go back and get them filled out and signed in blue ink. Sigh.

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